Saturday, 26 November 2011

Random Thoughts

i just watched the movie what's your number, and it got me thinking about the direction of my life and future possibilities, what i realized what , the future is flexible, and i can mold it with my own mind,  i do not need to follow when i can lead my life with my own hands.

i currently work at a job that takes care of my basic necessities and allows me tools to expand my knowledge vastly and express myself in newer and newer ways, all my exploration and research and inner reflection have made me believe that i am destined for something in the future, and i hope and pray that i am able to achieve what i feel i can achieve, i hope to be looking back on this post someday and be humbled by my achievements, and my meager starts.

most of us seek purpose in our lives, there are few who believe in great destinies, i wish to include myself in the latter, and i want to say one thing to anyone who reads this post, solitude shapes your soul and defines you, company keeps you sane and refines you. make it your life motto as it has made me see clearly my purpose, all i lack is the path.

i am prepared to walk , willing to make a sacrifice, willing to risk it all to make my mark upon the pages of humanity's history.

i can only hope and pray to succeed in my goal

pray that i achieve.


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