Monday, 21 November 2011

More Virtual Than Visual

"Hey Waqas how are you"

"yeah i'm really great"

"you look like you've lost a lot of weight"

"no that's my old Display pic, i actually have put on a few pounds since that pic was taken (declares sheepishly with a smiley), "you know eid and all" (uploads Pic to FB)

"yeah really looks like you went to town on more than a few plates of quorma actually"

"yeah, " Virtual shrug, "you know how it is"

"how long have we seen each other in the real world"

"umm i think more than a year"

the above is a general extract an online conversation with a friend, and looking back i think that since the advent of the social universe, with which i mean to say google plus and facebook and the twitterverse, our presence in the physical world had diminished and our presence in the virtual world has increased tenfold.

i think the reason is that since we are so interconnected through every second of every day that we dont really feel the need to interact with each other on a more personal level. the desire to connect and socialize being satisfied with the availability of online platforms we are now able to devote more time to our professional lives, and other additional tasks, i find i have the freedom to indulge in my hobbies of writing and communicating now more than ever, and i dont even feel the need to text after getting Skype which allows me the same feature from my laptop. why take the time to put my hand in my pocket and take out my cell phone wasting precious milliseconds when i could just click out a text through skype ?.

but all through that one thing that i feel we have lost is the need to go stop and smell the roses, most of the people who lead virtual lives feel a real wonder when they step outside in the sun, it feels so new and exiting and interesting, which leads me to believe that we are becoming increasingly more virtual, and losing touch with the real world by degrees, where will this lead i wonder.

there are so many things that are wrong with this that a complete discussion would fill volumes of books and still it would not make a difference, we are all caught up in this great wave of change that is determined to sweep us along for a ride leaving us eventually cold and alone in isolation connected more virtually that visually with our lives.

only time will tell what good will come of this, as for now, i do believe that you must have some notifications to get back to , and we will leave this discussion here for now.


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