Friday, 20 January 2012

To Write a Dream

i dont know if you all know but i have been writing for a while now, i think i started poetry when i was 14 but over time my tastes have matured, and now i dont know why i feel i have something to say, there has been this story brewing inside me for i dont know how long, corrupting my waking moments, making me pick up my pen at 2 in the morning and making me wonder about love and life and reality and many other things.

i understand the value of the written word, and it is because of that i now use my words to tell this story that has been swirling around inside my mind, i want to tell this story before i die, i want people to realize a few things that they dont realize. ever since i was young i have been fascinated with the human mind, i believe it is one of the most beautiful things in the world, the source of all of our humanity and all our virtues as well as all our vices, and then there are things that are unexplained, the things about the human mind that even modern science overlooks, what are dreams, what is out of body experience, what happens when a person goes into a coma, what happens when we die, how and why are there so many powers associated with the human mind.

i am aiming to write a book called the dream, i aim to answer a lot of questions in this book, and i only hope God grants me strength and the fortitude to succeed, i have never written a book and i have no idea how to write a book all i know is that i am putting in the effort and hoping beyond hope that it comes out right.

to date i have written 3 chapters of The Dream, and i have received good feedback from the people that have read my work, sadly i have been suffering from writer's block and havent been able to take it further.

i wont spoil the experience of all my dear readers by telling you all how i plan to take the story further but i will tell you all this, writing the first three chapters has been an amazing ride, and it's only just getting started

we never know what we uncover when we step into the land of dreams.

here are links to the First 3 Chapters of the Dream,

i would really love feedback so remember to leave comments on the ones you like the most.

The Dream

Chapter 1 | A Life Ends

Chapter 2 | Questions

Chapter 3 | Answers


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