Saturday, 21 January 2012

Against All Odds

see there is something in me that makes me put one foot in front of the other even when my mind keeps screaming me to stop, i don't know what it is, most call it stupidity, some call it courage, some fortitude, seeing as though we have to label everything to define it, i have made out a personal definition, i call it Grit, and i think this is true for most people who live in Pakistan, we all have a healthy dose of grit in our soul.

as a nation we have been though much and survived everything that fate has thrown at us, i stop and see all the suffering around me and think sometimes, if my real calling is helping all the people around me who take the pain of their suffering to heart.

i have given advice to so many people over time and quite a lot of them have come up to me later and thanked me about it, and it makes me feel good about myself as a person, and trust me i have very little in my life to feel good about, this feels like the right thing to do.

i am sincerely thinking of making a helpline for people who do not have anyone to talk to at a time of need ( as soon as i am able to finance the project ),i think that is what Pakistan needs right now, also a modicum of civic pride, every household has one issue or the another, and you don't really know what the hell is going on, everyone's frustrated on the inside and ready to lash out at a moment's notice.

our nation will struggle on against all odds but we would merely be surviving, not prospering as a nation, we need to do something, we need to take radical action. and if it has to be at the level of the individual so be it. we need to do something we cant sit idle and watch our country crumble.

i don't care about the broken streets and the corrupt politicians, i don't care about the lack of electricity or gas, or the the lack of water, i don't care about the bullets being fired at me, all i know is that this stretch of land, that has been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, and huge reservoirs of natural resources, is my home, is something that my forefathers gave their life for. and it is something i must own up to.


Thank you Fahad, i hope the sentiment lives on, we all need to learn to be more patriotic. and more appreciative of what we have been blessed with.. :-)

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