Friday, 20 January 2012

The Dream Part 3

i opened my eyes into darkness...i was lying down, i sat up and what i looked at confused me even more.. there was nothing around me except darkness.. well not exactly dark there was this fog..i kept asking myself. how did i get here.. where was i .. i couldnt see anything.. except this very dense fog that hid everything.. even the floor i was on seemed coated with it.. i tried to clear my head and remember and all i got back was an angry buzzing in my head, i had never drunk anything in my life stronger than cough syrup,...

had someone kidnapped me ... but where did this fog come from..It was weird. it was like i was lying on smoke, and there was nothing solid around me, the fog was so dense i could see nothing of my surrounding, i couldn't feel anything , or see anything ,

" Hello " my voice echoed on forever...

" where am i " my shouts echoed of nothingness.

and suddently there was a bright light in front of me in the fog or whatever it was, it flashed and went out, i got up moved forward cautiously, i couldnt even see the floor, after i had kept on walking for a really long time without getting closer, i actually started running toward the light, the more i tried to move forward, the more the light flashed farther away, and the flashes became more frequent, started worrying if i would trip over something, and suddenly my foot tangled up in something i couldnt see and i fell forward face first.

i hit the ground hard... I got up spitting blood, and i realized i could see where my bloody spit had fallen, i could see the floor again, all around me it was a tiled floor, white, the walls were likewise and the walls went on forever, the walls were lit with a strange glow, everything was too bright, i looked down and the blood i had spit out was gone, this was so weird, my mouth didnt even hurt anymore, i checked it and it felt allright i saw nothing that could have tripped me, and the room was much larger than when i first thought it was, now i couldnt even see the walls, suddenly i began panicking, this felt like no dream i had ever had, i asked myself if i was dead for the first time, "No you are not Dead" a voice replied, i turned my head around so fast that my neck made a noise like a pistol crack, i rubbed the cramp as i turned to face an man who looked like he was in his forties, wearing a orange floral hawain t-shirt and faded black bermudas with a drink in his hand complete with an umbrella,he looked so weird and out of place and he looked so oddly familar at the same time.. it was like having a very confused Deja Vu , if felt so weird and impossible for a moment i was too flummoxed to say anything.... he kept on staring at me sipping on his drink without speaking.. smiling at me.. after i came over my shock of seeing him.. i was able to finally speak...

"WHo the Hell are you" i said

"well, i think the more appropriate question you should first ask is where the hell are you" he replied taking another sip on his drink

"you are messing with things that are too dangerous for you son, but i guess that runs in the blood" he said with a rueful smile..

"i said tell me who are you and where the hell am i"

"that's better", he said as he plucked the umbrella out of his drink and threw it out, "at least you have some focus in that numb skull of yours, that might even keep you alive"

"old man i am warning you dont try me, tell me where the hell i am or else" i said as i took another step toward him.

"or else what" as he drained the contents of his glass, "your threats mean nothing to me , at least not now" and he sounded almost embarrased as he siad it, "they might someday, the whole world might depend on yousomeday", "but right you are like a newborn child.. who has barely learned to walk "now calm down, he said as he put his hand on my shoulder and tuned me around have a seat..

my eyes were ready to pop out of my head a moment ago where there was nothing but white floors, two sofas had appeared seemingly out of nothing and between them stood a small glass topped table with a drink exactly like the one the man beside me held which was full again with another umbrella... i was frozen with fear.. and confusion...

"you've been through a lot these few days, and i have been watching you for a while now, have a seat and i will explain evething he said as he steered me to the seat and i let him lead me... i sat down numb feeling nothing could get any weirder than this, "Am i dead" i asked shaking inside,

"no you are not dead, you are just asleep, and this is no more and no less than a dream". he said putting his drink on the table

"a dream"

"yes a dream., but this is no ordinary dream you should realize, and none of the dreams that follow this one will be ordinary.."

"i dont understand."

"have a drink" he said handing me the glass.

"right now your physical body is on the way to the hospital. you have third degree burns on your back, a severe concussion, and possibly a bruised spinal cord, "

"what how , i was fine , i was in the graveyard,then i was walking back... and i ended up here... what happened..." i clenched the glass so hard i though it would break in my hand."

"dont you remember ???"

and all at once everything flooded back to me. the dream the walk to the graveyard.. the crow.. the crowd in front of the store... the news of the Explosion at the underpass.. the shock must have shown on my face because The old man had a smile on his face.. "Yes.. knew you'd come around to that..."

"let me first tell you.. the blame lies on you.. you should have listened to me.. you should not have gone down in that underpas.."

"what do you mean...."

"i tried to stop you... when you were running to save that woman trapped in that car... you didnt listen to me.."

"and all at once the memory of that dream came back with crashing force.. every feeling every sensation.. the hopelessness and the fear.. and his face... "

"You...!!! i shouted as i stood up... " You were there.. you didnt even help" i smashed my drink on the floor in rage...

he picked his drink up and took another sip and smiled..

"do yo know what i went through.. do you know what happened to me down there.." i shouted at him...

"you interefered... and what was supposed to happen happened.. but you should have listened... you should have stopped.."

"but i loved her.... "

"it wasnt real.." he said simply..

"but..WHAT ..!!!

"it was a dream..." he replied in that same emotionless tone.

"then why the burns you said... and everything else.. but.. how can you be here and how were you there .."

"all i can say for now is that this i another dream..."

"so you arent real.. !!!"

"i am as real as you are.."

"as much as the burns on you back are and the concussion you have suffered in trying to save that woman.. you were lucky you were not so strong... otherwise you would have been dead by now..."

"i dont understand you..."

He slammed his drink down so hard on the side table the glass cracked.."shut up and listen for a moment... because as soon as you get some morphine in your system everything will fade. and i might not be there next time for any mistakes that you make.. you cannot die.. everything is going to rest on you.. "


"Quiet..!!!" he stood up and started pacing.. " you need to realize.. we dont have much time "

"the underpass blast was real... meaning it happened in the real world.."

"the dream you had was real too.. you lived the life of the man who died in that underpass.. you dreamed of loving that woman he loved... you gave her the face of another woman you desired.. because it was your dream.. but you were not strong enough to control his actions because you didnt know... you were supposed to realize it was a dream... but you let his emotions control your actions.. you were supposed to change events... you were supposed to turn of the cell phone.. and go home... but you ..let yourself be controlled.... and that almost killed you.. had you been stronger.. you would have woken up and burned to a crisp with all the bones of you body broken... if the dream assimilated itself on you.. since you had been marked in your dream.. your subconscious called you to the place of death.. that would awake the mark in you.. death is unforgiving.. that is why that Raven Marked you.. it was not a Crow... it was the Raven.. the Messenger of Death.. you were Marked... and you are suppoed to die.. the only reason you live is because you are not strong enough.. and your dreams do not assimilate..."

"take this..." he walked towards me and put a small gem in my hand, looked like an orange diamont, it was glowing with an unnatural light, like there were flames swirling inside it... "when it glows.. you are dreaming.. do not do anything.. do not think just keep on telling youself it's a dream and you do not need to do anything.. and the right way to walk will be shown to you.. do not act not do what feels right.. be logical..., look into the crystal when we need help "he said as he backed a few steps and looked up

"i can do no more... you are now in the hands of God... " i followed his gaze upwards and i saw a bolt of lightening heading straight for me..

i felt the shock rip through my body every nerve ending shrieked in agony... i screamed.. and the gem in my hand flashed and started flickering..

"They are waking you... when you wake up and you will have this in your hand.. Remember everything.. Heal .. and i will find you..." he said as he started walking away into the while leaving me winded on the sofa

another bolt of lightening struck and ripped through my body... and everything faded to black..

his voice echoed in the darkness...



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