Friday, 20 January 2012

A Destiny in Clouds Unveiled

have you ever been told that you are destined for a great future, have you ever been told that you are going to do big things, that you are awesome, that you have a special skill, and at that point in your life it is difficult for you to believe that because you are stuck in the eye of the storm of despair.

it happens, and it's nothing new, life throws a lot of things at us, if you ask me i would have to say it's perfectly natural to feel helpless and hopeless, the mind allows these emotions for a reason, but only you can decide when you want to let go of your past and look on to a future.

let me give you a little tip. conscious thought constructs, and by that i mean the more you think about something the more real it becomes in your life, if you keep thinking about your past, the effects of those thoughts, the melancholy, the despair the depression are going to become real for you in your life, the fabric of reality is fluid, you will not move back in time, that can never happen ( At least That is what we believe till now | Remember we used to think the earth was Flat !!! ) but what will happen is that your world will seem to slow down or speed up around you. it all depends on what you are suffering from.

on the other hand the more you think about your future, or think constructive thoughts, the more things start to form, the more your focus increases, you fall in harmony with the fabric of reality, and start enjoying the experiences that you are accumulating, be it even a cup of coffee or the smell of flowers in a garden near the parking from your office, or hearing children laugh in a playground.

saying all this i have to say if you really want to improve the quality of your life, you could read Rhonda Byrne's The Secret and practice how you could positively make a change in your life using the things that book says, because the more you take the time to actively make a change, the more everything will change, and i do not believe for a moment that things are so bad that you can never make it, trust me whenever you think that it can never get any worse, think in context, there would always be one person in the world out there who would be that much worse off.

i have been though a very rough life, there have been many things that i have seen and done that i am not really proud of i have lived and loved, and i have lost out on love, i have been sick, i have been healthy, i have been hugely fat, and thin, i have built the graves of loved ones from my hand, i have gotten great jobs, i have resigned from better jobs, i have been exploited, and i have been insulted and abused, but at the end of it all i have to say all my experiences make my life all the richer, and i do believe that even the bad things that have happened to me have shaped the person i am today.


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