Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Smartest Student Who Failed

This was posted on my Facebook profile by a friend and i just had to share this for the benefit of all. :-)

the caption was


sometimes marks aren't everything, what matters more than marks is the ability to have sense in the face of nonsense questions, and that is what i call being "Street Smart" which is actually higher logic that masquerades as wit.

will not go into a debate about the "Intelligence quotient",( or IQ as most of us know it ) Street Smarts have nothing to do with IQ that is a topic for another day. These were the questions and their answers by our so called Genius Failure.

Question 1. In Which Battle did Napoleon Die

Answer: His Last Battle

Question 2. Where was the Declaration of independence signed

Answer: At the Bottom of the Page

Question 3. River Ravi Flows in Which State

Answer: Liquid

Question 4. What is the Main Reason for Divorce

Answer: Marriage

Question 5. What is the main reason for failure

Answer: Exams

Question 6. What can you never Eat for Breakfast

Answer: Lunch & Dinner

Question 7. What Looks like half an apple ?

Answer: The Other Half

Question 8. If you Throw a Red stone in the blue sea what will happen

Answer: It will simply get wet

Question 9. How can a Man go Eight Days without sleeping

Answer: No Problem, He only sleeps during the Night

Question 10. How can you lift an elephant with one hand

Answer: You will never find an elephant with one hand

Question 11. If you had Three Apples and Four Oranges in One hand, and Five apples and Four Oranges in the other hand what would you have

Answer: Really Big Hands

Question 8. It took Eight Men Ten Hours to Build a Wall, How long will it take Four Men to Build It

Answer: No Time at All, The Wall is Already Built

Question 8. How can you Drop a Raw Egg on a Concrete Floor without Breaking it

Answer: Any Way you want, Concrete Floors are Really Hard to Crack

It was also mentioned that the examiner fainted after reading the paper, :-)


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