Saturday, 21 January 2012

Can i Make money from Blogging

Can i make money from blogging ?

This is the question on my mind the most, as i struggle to make a blog that people will read, see i dont know what people want to read, i'm not a statistical analyst, neither do i have the money to conduct a survey about the net habits of highly (web) addicted people, ( My Play on the book 7 habits of highly effective people ), as things turn out, for me blogging is still a huge question mark.

the thing i search most on the net is i guess articles about how to make money from blogging, and i always fall prey to some squeeze page, i just came across a husband and wife couple who had a landing page describing how unfulfilled they felt working with some MLM and now that since they got some really amazing info they have started making money on their own time.

the web is littered with self proclaimed experts who loot noobs day in and day out, promising some really cool amazing piece of information, i myself have never opted for one of these packages, i dont know if it's something wrong with me but i am hardwired to say no to everything that tries to squeeze a sale out of me.

there are really all these amazing ways to earn income online but there is so much bull manure ( Pardon my french ) floating around on the interweb that it is difficult to screen out the real deal.

all i know is there are a few surefire ways to make money online which i have seen first hand, meaning the things that some of my friends do to make income online. following is a list of methods that you can use to make money online

Sell your Photography online

if you are a photographer this is the best way to make a good income for yourself, there are no hassles, and basically there are a lot of websites like imageshack, and shutterstock, (basically any website with a name related to camera part and the inclusion of the word stock in the URL will do), out there that you can post your work on and get some money as soon as you make a sale, i wouldn't say to quit your day job right now but still you can really make a decent supplemental income.

sell your web templates online

the basic skills you will need to learn are

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML and CSS
  • Template integration into CMS
  • managing web servers

Confucius say if you are a decent web designer, you can never go hungry, basically everyone is getting a website now a days, there are hundreds of new websites being made everyday, but the basic problem with all of them is that more than half of them look like they are made my dyslexic and colorblind kids with bipolar disorder. this is where you come in, learn web designing from a decent institute, join a web design firm for an internship and learn how to make web designs, then start off making a few websites with your mates, once you have gone through the quest to gain your first decent portfolio, you are all set to freelance your way into fortune.

consider freelancer or Elance for the best and most secure deals.

Sell something online

yes sounds cheesy but basically you can make a small virtual store online with some niche products that only you know how to get and if you are lucky enough to find some third world country manufacturer who is still retro enough to use his ballpoint and pen to record his business transactions in a huge leather bound ledger, you just might make a really fair income from this strategy as well.

if the idea of creating an online store for things you like appeals to you be a dear and learn a few basic S.E.O principles from the thousands of manuals available online, since basically selling stuff online is an SEO race, to get the first and higher index on the search rankings. the faster you are indexed the better chances you will end up on the receiving end of your potential client's attention. all inquiries can be dealt with online no need to move from your seat ( Ahhh Couch Potato heaven ) and you can make a decent income sitting in front of your idiot box ( i mean both the one you work on and the one you waste time in front of )

these are just some one the many ways you can make money online, but my question still remains,can i make money online ???

i have told you all i know about making money online, but i still dont know how to do the same thing for myself, so basically i preach but i dont practice, well, i can only hope that you take my advice and go on to be a dot com tycoon and remember me in those times and offer me a decent job doing the same thing i am doing today. i can only hope.

till then i will keep advising everyone in my free time

as always
Sadly But Truly Yours

Waqas Rabbani


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