Friday, 20 January 2012

The Dream Part 2

it was still raining, the skies were still gray and i had been walking now for more than 2 hours, trying to shake away that dream, and i dont know why the more i tried to push it out of mind the more i started remembering the dream, i've never had dreams like that before, but deep down inside i knew that was i lie, but for the life of me i couldnt remember why i thought like that, i could still taste her lips, i could still smell the fuel , and i could still feel how it felt being smashed against the wall before i passed out, and as i was remembering these things the sensations got stronger, i could literally feel the pain in my bones.

i turned the corner and there it was across the street, i had known i would end up here still it was a shock when i saw where i had come, the graveyard, it was a weird thing i thought, i havent come here in years, not since i last buried my father 4 years back, and i knew i had been walking for a really long time, so wrapped up in my thoughts that i didnt even realize where i was going, i felt hollow inside as i started walking the path leading to my father's grave, i sat down by the stone and brushed my hand on his name.

"Dad i dont know what the hell i am doing right now, everything is messed up, Ash's left me, and i'm at a job i dont love, i dont know what the hell i should be doing, i have no home, and everything is so messed up, hope you are happy with mom, i wanna come and see you guys real soon, i feel so alone, i feel so empty inside" i said in a broken voice as the tears starting falling down my face mixing with the rain.

as ever i got no reply, i got up and started walking away and i saw a crow sitting on a grave few feet away, it was weird, it was raining really hard and still it was sitting in the rain, not moving an inch, i felt like it was staring at me, it kind of creeped me out so i shook my head and started moving to the exit, i realized that nobody else was on the streets as i hit the sidewalk about the same time i felt like someone skewered my with a blunt blade in my back.

"What the Hell" i screamed out. i wheeled around and i saw that same damn crow it had blood on it's beak, i put my hand to my back but there was no blood there. it had speared me in my back with it's beak. but where did that blood on it's beak come from ?

"i'm gonna get you for that you little shit" it flew away and went and sat on the top of a roof closeby, i was so damn angry all my frustration swirling inside me, i grabbed a rock and started aiming at the bird, it kept looking at me , and i could swear it felt like it was laughing from those black beady eyes, just as i let loose the rock my back twinged painfully and i missed my target, the rock shot out of my hand straight at a window below the ledge where the bird was pirched, the sound of the window smashing echoed throught the street and tapered off into the sound of rain, i turned and walked the other way, acutely aware of the fact that my back had stopped hurting, i didint want to get in trouble for the broken window , i thought i'd leave a note later someday, some blocks after the graveyard i could see some life around me on the streets and people walking around the rain here and there, as i reflected on this how different it was being near the graveyard and how there was not a single soul on the streets on that block, my back suddenly gave another really painful twinge. i still kept soldiering on, i thought when i got back to my office/home i would get some more sleep and later get checked out, that bird's beak must have been contaminated with all kinds of germs, i wouldnt want to get an infection on top of all that was already happening in my life.

as i crossed the street past an electronics store i could see a lot of people congregated in front of the Large Flatscreen T.V on display showing the news, i stopped and my breath froze in my chest, i had an instant feeling of being ripped from the fabric of reality, the headline read explosion on the underpass, and i could see the shattered and charred remains of more than a dozen cars half drowned in the water from the underpass from the news reporter's camera zoom angle, and the scene was indescibably horrible, What the hell is going on, how could that be real, i just dreamed that up ? how could it happen, suddenly there was this extremely sharp stabbing pain in my back that numbed all thought an sensation, i could hear someone screaming and i fleetingly realized it was me, and everything went red and then black.


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