Friday, 30 December 2011

life and love and innocence - Dim Solitude

i would like to request you to please play the song before reading what i have to tell you.... because what i will tell you might be something that may change your life...

see the thing is there is a good chance that you are reading this you are feeling lonely, or you are looking for that special someone in your life.

what you need to realize is what i learned from almost a decade of struggles and pain and suffering...

we breeze through life with not a care as to the people who are around us.. so caught up in our little routines and so comfortable in our domain that we do not care to venture forward and understand that just beyond the limitations of our self involved personas lies salvation.

we never feel that the people that are in our lives are special enough, those people who make us feel sane, hold our hands in our darkest hours, and teach us life is worth living when we want to give everything up.

sometimes we dont hear the meaning in their words even though it's important. those subtle inviting questions, those innocent innuendos, those shrugs and those piercing gazes, and sometimes even those comfortable silences which you most miss when that person is not around.

sometimes we dont believe them to be special enough even though they've long proved their worth in our lives, we dont realize we need them, we dont realize that they are the one's that anchor our soul to reality, and are the safe harbor where our sanity shelters. where our heart lies in peace.

and sometimes

just sometimes...

when it's too late

we realize....

we've lost the one special thing we had in our life...

sometimes the love that is there or that special loved one that is there in our life is like the wind...

always invisible to our eyes

but present all the time..

and we dont even realize.. until it's always too late..

why is it that in our search for love. we fail to see the love that is around us already..

why do we become blind to our present in pursuit of a future that may or may not turn out to be true..

in the pursuit of perfection why do we forget the beauty lies in tolerance of the imperfections...

i have made many mistakes in my life..

things that i am not too proud off..

i have failed love...

not once

but twice..

i am twice cursed with the burden of the knowledge that the person who i wanted to spend the rest of my life will be spending their life with someone else..

do not make the same mistake i did..

look around you.. look at that special person who always has been there for you..

who would give their everything for you..

who would give their life and soul for you..

make them yours...

dont make the same mistake i did..

and pray that i do not make the same mistake again..

we all deserve love in our lives...

because love is the only thing that makes life bearable and worth living


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