Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Something to Understand

I have gone through life without having an idea of who i am or what i am supposed to do.,

i have gone through life feeling depressed

i have gone through life feeling alone.

do those words ring with you ??!!

then i guess you and i are in the same boat, you know why we are lonely, the only reason we are alone is because we want to be, and we dont realize that what we want is already happening, and we have the gall to be depressed about it,

you and i both know that everything happens for a reason, if we are both alone sitting in front of a computer screen living life more through the pixels of the screen before us, forgotten and lost the feel of sunlight on the skin or the smell of grass, forgotten the feeling of joy and happiness in the company of friends, it is all because we have brought in on ourselves.

oh yes the age old lie that we tell ourselves that people lie and cheat.

but that does not really matter now does it.

loneliness is what we have now.

the bitter fruit we have grown

that has festered in our yard

and now our burden to bear.......



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