Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Measure of Regret

i have a lot of things that i regret in my life, like if i look at the life i am living now i regret not making things better for myself, for not looking after myself the way i should, for letting myself go, for abusing my body and soul and mind with dulness and sloth. but i guess when i look around me i am not the only one stuck in this cycle of self nihilistic behavior, there are others who indulge in the same routine as me and go through the same things i go through. the worst thing that really kills me is knowing that i can do so much, that i can do so many things if i apply myself, but always choosing the easier path, the path of comfort, the path that ends in regret always. the thing i know for certain is that i have control of my life, even though i do not exercise it and i see the people around me doing the same thing , for example, allowing people to come and go in your life, toying with your emotions, feelings, we have all done that at some point in our life, yet we reflect on the past and think we could have changed things, could have controlled things. i think the problem begins when you think yourself as a passive player on the chessboard of the world's farce, allowing the hands of fate to dictate your actions rather than coherently deciding on a path of life and thinking of how to make things better for yourself. see i know one thing, after being everything and anything i possible can be in my past, being broken and losing loved ones and seeing people die and being born, falling in love and out of love, is that you always have a choice in each and every moment to make life that much better for yourself, to give yourself that inch of hope that can make you go on, and survive in the face of all odds, and life free without regret. the funny thing though is you only come to that plateau of realization once you actually start to see that you do have regrets in the past , that you do want to change the future with your own hands, the moment you realize that you want to be on the steering wheel and not ride shotgun in the story of your life. so let us all now have a measure of regret, with the hopes of starting a brand new life and a brighter future.


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