Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Binge Watching Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning

So, there are tons of things that i sink my time into on a daily basis, it could be anything from random articles and documentaries, to books or comics that friends have referred to me or entire seasons of shows.

I am one of those millennials who has to totally binge out on all episodes of a season that my friends recommend to me in a single weekend locked away in my room eating snacks in bed torrenting 3 episodes while i watch one episode, the problem with this method is that there are very few shows that are really worth watching these days, most don't appeal to me, shows that have a passing interaction with science or an exceptional plot are the only true exceptions and such shows are rare.

There came a time when the list of good shows dropped down to zero and my life was empty and binge free but by this point i had gotten so addicted to bingeing that i couldn't imagine life without bingeing.

That was when i started browsing youtube for good channels and came across good mythical morning, i believe my first mythical video was will it pizza and from the first video i was hooked.

i think i've seen all the videos there are worth watching for the good mythical morning channel, i totally recommend the channel for people who want light humor at lunch in the office this show is just simply awesome !

fair warning tho..if you're watching an eating contest.. link's gonna barf.. so don't tell me i didn't warn ya before :P


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